The Restaurant Domakjinska Kukja is located 100 meters away from the famous Vevcani springs. The traditional Macedonian ambiance makes this restaurant unique not only in the Ohrid/Prespa region but in the wider area.

The Vevcani Springs are 936 meters above  sea level. The site is  protected   as a  monument of nature and is a  favourite  picnic area.

The wonderful people of Vevcani, spread all over the world, always return home, when they hear  the  Vevcani calling tone, one doesn’t forget this beautiful  picture and wants to have one’s child born in this familiar mixture and have it baptised in the waters clear given in abundance by our mountain so dear it is the mountain with lakes as eyes open wide the one that has blessings on its mind and orders love to rain on  all  mankind.
(-Tahovska Sava-  Interpretation: Anica Palazzo)


-The Kostojchinoski family-

from 13 to  14 January every year
Vevcani carnival is held. Local people and visitors  take part in the Carnival expressing their unique ideas through the masks. The carnival originates from the period …...

Domakinska kuka owns 5 apartments

Decorated in old Macedonian tradition our apartments offer you pleasure and acomodation ...

Design : Studio Dzingo Skopje-Macedonia 2009