Traditional Vevcani Carnival

The traditional Vevcani Carnival is held every year on 13 and 14 January. The Carnival is a member of the International Carnival Association  FECC. Every year there are  participants also  from other countries in Vevcani Carnival. The Carnival has 1400 year old tradition and is organised during the celebration of St. Basil the Great, protector of Vevcani. The masks, used in the Carnival, are a satirical reflection of recent  political and social events from Macedonia and abroad.  The inspiration mainly comes from politicians, public figures, business people etc.

One of the specifics of this Carnival is the preparation of masks. They are usually kept secret, often improvised  and revealed only on the day of the Carnival. All masks are then burned on the last day.

Officially women do not take part in the Carnival, but who knows??? The traditional masks that can be seen year after year are: the  bride and groom, the “Silly August” and the musicians.
In Vevcani you will find a local currency, called “lichnik” and Vevcani passport, which date back to the period of the break up of Yugoslavia, when Vevcani declared “independence and autonomy”.

from 13 to  14 January every year
Vevcani carnival is held. Local people and visitors  take part in the Carnival expressing their unique ideas through the masks. The carnival originates from the period …...

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